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issue # 4

M i s s i n g

a choose-your-own-adventure novel in progress

by Brian Lemarié

Each chapter of this novel-in-progress is a path that forks ---<
Each chapter ends with several alternatives for the protagonist to pursue.
You decide what happens next by voting for one of these alternatives.

chapter one


Carlos Johnson wakes up one morning to find that his left is arm missing. More mystified than alarmed, he takes the day off from work and walks to the park to think about his new condition. He sits there on a bench for several hours, checking his phone from time to time to see if Claudia, his exgirlfriend, has replied to his e-mail. He starts reminiscing about a librarian he once saw, whose exotic beauty (pale skin, dark curls, enormous nose) dazzled him, and whom he never saw again, despite repeated visits to the library. He is accosted by a three-year-old boy, who stares at him but does not notice his missing limb, and by three proselytizing Hassids who (also not noticing his missing limb) try to get him to put on phylacteries. He rushes back home to pack his stuff and leave town, having decided to become a hermit and live in a cabin in the woods like Henry David Thoreau. On the way home, he runs into the librarian of his dreams, but he is too dazzled to strike up a conversation.

YOU DECIDE: Should Carlos run after the dazzling librarian or go back home and pack?

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